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I am a German author and I have chosen the name "betrachtenswert.de" for my website and blog. betrachtenswert is a word for which there is more than one translation in English. You will therefore find a number of different terms in this text which I have deliberately not corrected.

betrachtenswert.de was my first website, which went online in the summer of 2001. Today hardly anyone can imagine how the Internet worked and what it looked like back then. If you could see photos, they were small (640x480 pixels) or you used animated gif files to make the web pages look nice.

Imagine this like pictures from the 1970s. When you look at them, you rub your eyes in horror. What bizarre fashion, what horrible hairstyles. This is exactly how it works on the Internet: It is constantly being updated.

Technological change
When I created my first pages, digital cameras had a resolution of two to four megapixels - today we are at 20 and more. Digital single lens reflex cameras were wickedly expensive and very bad, so I scanned my analog photos and slides at that time. The social media were not yet invented, people weren't writing blogs, they were creating static websites. Amazon already existed at that time, but the net was not very interactive. It was slow!

The development accelerated dramatically in the mid-zero years: we got Facebook (2004), Youtube (2005) and Twitter (2006), the internet became faster and technological progress has continued unabated ever since. Anyone who has a page on the web must always update it to the latest technical standards and adapt its design to the spirit of the times. Many, especially private site operators were overwhelmed by this. Due to the frequent "Redesigns" unfortunately also many contents have disappeared from the net, links set years ago lead into the void. This development killed my site www.betrachtenswert.de in 2013. This web presence was the basis for my decision to start my own business.
The software I used to create my pages was no longer available. Consequently, I would have had to "touch" every single page and every single photo - a Sisyphean work. This blog was a temporary solution. Here I posted at least one photo every week between 2007 and 2012, it became my - mostly uncommented - photographic diary.

When the hobby becomes a profession

When I became self-employed, www.betrachtenswert.com became the main site in 2005. I was able to express my enthusiasm for writing elsewhere: Initially, they were articles at akademie.de, and from 2008 onward books were added for the Galileo publishing house, which is now called Rheinwerk.

Due to the intensive but also one-sided occupation with photo themes and cameras I am now known as Fotonanny and photo book author. I have always regretted the fact that I had no more free capacities for my magazine dealing with "The Art of Living". The site was very popular, had many views, and the newsletter had more subscribers than my Facebook page has today. The fans of that time were also interested in photography, but this is just one aspect of many which occupy me as a human being and as an author. I don't like to be stuck in drawers, even if they are nice drawers.
If you don't find here what you would expect from the photo book author Jacqueline Esen, then you are welcome to move on to one of my parallel universes:

What is the next step with regardable. de? ;-)
Photography was only the tip of the iceberg at contemplative.de (also nice). To put it another way: There's a lot of untapped potential. To revive this magazine, I chose Blogspot, not the recommended Wordpress. Here I don't have to worry about technology and updates, but can concentrate on what I do best: Writing. For you as a reader, this page is also automatically optimized for the smartphone.
The classic design does not correspond to the current fashion, but that will change anyway.

Back to the beginnings
This blog will get back to the variety of topics that worth-looking-at.de once had. I am looking forward to the new start and I am also pleased that you are visiting this page. Write me if you like, or leave a comment. The comment function is moderated to keep spam and other unpleasant side effects of modern Internet life in check. Therefore, comments do not appear immediately.

I wish you a lot of fun reading and discovering things and topics that might be "worth seeing" (nice translation) for you, too.

You can use the Translate button to have the texts of this blog translated into your language. I hope that the quality of the translation will improve in the future and I would like to thank DeepL for the great help in translating this info page.

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